Golden Retriever

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In today’s blog, we the staff at, would like to discuss some of the characteristics of the Golden Retriever, specifically, the American Golden Retriever.
The Golden Retriever is a large size dog breed that originated in Scotland in the mid-19th century. During this time period, wild fowl hunting was popular among the elite wealthy Scottish, in a land pocketed with marshy ponds and rivers. Also, during themid-1800s, guns began to improve which resulted in more fowl being shot down at greater distances. Subsequently, the Golden Retriever was bred to retrieve down fowl game from land or water without damaging the fowl.
Unlike the British or Australian Golden Retriever, the American Golden Retriever is lankier. Male Golden Retrievers will grow to stand between 23-24 inches in height, and 65-75 pounds in weight, while females will grow to between stand 21.5-22.5 in height, and 60-70 pounds in weight. The Golden Retriever’s color can vary from a light golden color to a dark golden color. The topcoat is water resistant, slightly wavy, and sheds in small amounts throughout the year. The Golden Retriever’s undercoat is soft and keeps the Retriever cool in the summer, warm in the cold winter, and sheds once in both the spring and fall.
Besides being a great dog for retrieving down fowls, the Golden Retrievers have an instinctive love of the water, are very intelligent and friendly, and are very trainable dogs. Since they are so intelligent, Golden Retrievers are a versatile breed which allows them to fill a variety of roles. These roles include serving as guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, and great gentle family pets. However the Golden Retriever is such a friendly dog breed, they tend to make poor guard dogs. In the United States the Golden Retriever is the third most popular dog.
As mentioned above, Golden Retrievers make great family pets. They have an instinctual tendency to roam and thus are suited for suburban or country environments. Like most large dog breeds, they live between 11-12.5 years of age, and have an abundance of energy that requires lots of exercise.
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